How to Choose a Good Pet Sitter

One of the toughest things for pet owners is to leave their animals alone at any point and time. The anxiety is real. Many pet owners opt to leave their pets with their trusted vet, a dependable neighbor, or a relative. At times, they might even prefer to leave their animals at a kennel or a home intended to board animals for an amount of time. Although these are tested and proven solutions, some pet parents aren’t comfortable having to take their pets outside their homes. In such a case, pet sitting is a solution if you’re seeking someone to offer trustworthy at-home care for your animals. With so many people offering pet-sitting services, choosing the best can be a daunting task. Here are tips you can use to select a pet sitter who suits your needs.

Search online and offline. This can appear like a no-brainer; however, it is a great way to get a sense of the alternatives available to you. Search for local pet sitters and look at their websites and reviews. A site with a lot of good comments and repeat clients might be worth considering. There are even some international and national websites you can utilize to browse through your area. As a pet parent, you yearn to offer your animal the best care possible. That is why it is very important to get reviews and recommendations from reliable family members, neighbors, workmates, and friends. Trusted sources are reliable in giving you honest and truthful recommendations.

Shortlist potential pet sitters. Once you get a list of prospective pet sitters, it is time to invite them for interviews. In addition to establishing a pet sitter’s credibility and expertise, interviews are also a great way to help you assess your comfort and rapport with a pet sitter. The following are some of the questions to ask during the interview:
How often have you worked with my specific pet species? Do you have professional qualifications, certifications, training, or other credentials?
What would you do if my pet suddenly becomes sick or if you have a personal emergency? How do you intend to ensure my pet is looked after?
Do you have a list of references? Ideally, you’ll always want a pet sitter who can readily provide you with this info in order to do the needed checks to ensure he is legitimate.
What types of services do you offer and what is covered under your pet-sitting services?
How much do you charge? Going for the cheapest pet-sitting services is not necessarily the finest thing to do as you can compromise the quality of care your pet gets.

Invite a potential pet sitter to your home. Inviting the best pet sitter at your home is a great way for him to meet your pet and get to know each other. Look at how the pet sitter interacts with your animal. If you, for example, have a dog, ask the person to go for a walk with him to help you observe how well they get along. Your dog should appear comfortable with the pet sitter and the pet sitter should look patient, calm, professional, and able to manage your pet.

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